BMW F30 LED HID Xenon Bulbs and lighting service by MDRN Retrofits in Orange County, CA



Headlight retrofitting is the best way to drastically increase night time visibility and light output.
Choose your style and performance level to meet your driving needs, while updating your headlights with the latest components in lighting technology. Retain the OEM functionality of your headlights with seamless integration.
Custom Headlight Projector Retrofit by MDRN Retrofits in Orange County, CA
BMW E92 M3 Headlight Restoration with Ceramic Coating by MDRN Retrofits in Orange County, CA


Did you know that cloudy lenses can reduce your visibility by 80%?
Recover the brightness and clarity of your headlights with our extensive headlight restoration process. Our restorations are designed to keep your headlights looking like new with long-lasting protection from the elements by using a high performance ceramic coating or paint protection film.


LED bulbs are a simple upgrade that will give you more light output than your standard halogen bulbs.
Upgrade your bulbs to the best LEDs on the market from the industries top brands. Safely increase your nighttime visibility with LEDs that are designed for performance, longevity and proper focus that will not blind oncoming traffic. Keep in mind that not all LEDs are created equal. We only have the best of the best here.

Mercedes Benz LED Headlight Bulbs from MDRN Retrofits in Orange County, CA
BMW HID Xenon Bulb and ballast replacement service by MDRN Retrofits in Orange County, CA


HIDs and Xenon bulbs are brighter than plug and play LED bulbs.
Replace or upgrade worn out bulbs and ballasts with OEM grade components that are designed to last. Get an HID conversion installed on your projector headlights to maximize the output from your lights. We take pride in carrying the top components from OSRAM, Morimoto and other OEM brands.


Are you having trouble seeing when loading/unloading or looking for something you dropped in your car?
Brighten up your interior with powerful LED bulbs. Get better visibility at night and give your interior that modern appearance. 
Toyota Tundra LED interior lighting bulbs by MDRN Retrofits in Orange County, CA
Custom Tail Light Smoked Paint by MDRN Retrofits in Orange County, CA


Smoke your taillights for a darker custom appearance. 
Choose your shade and level of smoke. Our 2-stage painting process is the most durable and best finish you can get on your taillights. No wrap film can top the quality that we provide.


Paint Protection Film is the best protection you can get for your headlights.
Protect your headlights and fog lights from the elements, rocks chips, scratches and from sun damage. Our self healing film has outstanding optical clarity and nearly impossible to detect once installed.
Toyota Tundra Headlights with Paint Protection Film PPF by MDRN Retrofits in Orange County, CA
BMW E36 Headlight Electrical Wiring troubleshooting diagnostics by MDRN Retrofits in Orange County, CA


We can diagnose and fix most electrical issues with your headlights, fog lights and tail lights.
Whether it's from a previous installation gone wrong or something that just started out of no where. We are highly experienced with wiring and utilize professional techniques and quality parts to repair your problems.