These headlights are a great option for customers seeking a high-end look similar to the newer BMW headlights.


Custom-made to order and prepared-in house from start to finish, this product is hand-assembled and painted with automotive grade two-stage paint by House of Kolor.


Built from new housings with new lenses and seals, the headlights have been designed with unmatched night-time visibility in mind. We only ever source market-leading components that no plug-and-play LED or HID kit compares to, including top-of-the-line projectors from Morimoto.


To minimize glare onto oncoming traffic at the same time as maximizing brightness levels, an anti-reflective coating is applied to the headlights.


While all wiring and parts are labeled for ease of installation, some adjustments will be required. We recommend customers visit us for installation (at an additional cost) or another reputable shop.


Key features:


  • Color choices: gloss black or two-tone chrome and black
  • Special anti-reflective coating
  • Use of market-leading components



BMW E46 Standard DTM Halo Sedan Headlights 2002-2005

  • Fits HALOGEN Sedan Models. Not compatible with XENON models

    • Morimoto Mini H1 8.0 Projectors
    • HYLUX CANBUS 35 watt HID Kit

    • Quad High Beams

    • DTM Quad Switchback Angel Eyes

    • House Of Kolor® Black Paint

    • 1 Year Warranty