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Why You Should Consider A Retrofit Before A Headlight Replacement

This BMW M5 came with the famous V10 engine and our client's satin black wrapped M5 needed headlights to match. He wanted something powerful and modern to update the look of the vehicle.

BMW E60 M5 Headlight Retrofit by MDRN retrofits

What Are The Options?

What condition are the headlights in?

OEM BMW E60 M5 headlights at MDRN retrofits

Condition of original headlights on the M5

When the client came in for a consultation we did a thorough assessment of the original headlights; looking at the condition of the lenses, wiring and functionality. The headlight lenses on this M5 were in very bad shape and had signs of water damage on the inside. We sprayed water on the front of the headlight lenses and within a minute the headlight fogged up!

Condensation inside of BMW E60 M5 headlights at MDRN retrofits

Water test with the headlights removed from the M5

Our client considered just replacing the headlights with brand new OEM assemblies but that wouldn't be enough to meet his needs.

He was always unhappy about the light output and disappointed at the brightness of the angel eyes since he bought the car brand new. Buying brand new assemblies and then paying for a retrofit on top of that wouldn't have been cost effective in this situation as new assemblies are $1000 a piece (see example below)! That price doesn't even include bulbs, ballasts or control modules because of that we would have to use the old ones or buy new components separately.

brand new OEM BMW E60 M5 headlights from ecs tuning

Screenshot from ECS Tuning website


Out with the old and in with the new

To meet our client's expectations we presented him with our MDRN Pro Retrofit Package. Along with some worthwhile add ons to really make these headlights standout.

The original headlights came equipped with AFS, or also know as auto-leveling, so we completely disassembled and modified the motorized cradle that the projector mounted to in order to install the new Morimoto Projector.

BMW E60 M5 AFS cradle and projector being upgraded at MDRN retrofits

M5 AFS cradle and headlight disassembled

To get the best look and brightness from the halos, we removed the original halos and replaced them with Orion V4 halos. These halos are a huge improvement over the stock halos and they look practically OEM.

Orion v4 halos installed on a BMW E60 M5 headlights at MDRN retrofits

Bench testing of Orion halos

Since the headlight lenses were in bad condition we replaced the lenses and changed the eyebrow LEDs to white. Now to make all the upgrades work flawlessly, just like OEM, we coded the light module on the M5 along with some custom wiring to have the halos turn on/off automatically as a DRL. For even more light output we also wired the flash to pass lights to assist bi-xenon high beam giving the M5 a total of 4 high beams!

The Ultimate Headlights Completed

Looks perfect for the M5

When it comes to a headlight retrofit most people don't realize that it can be as clean or as wild as you want. Our client was very pleased with how the headlights came out. We kept the look close to OEM as possible but drastically improved the performance with our MDRN Pro Retrofit Package. The headlights were saved and used for the retrofit instead of purchasing brand new OEM headlights with mediocre performance. This saved our client some money and solved his problems with his headlights.

Pro Package Headlight retrofit completed on a BMW E60 M5 V10 by MDRN retrofits

Clients vehicle pulled out of the shop

What do you think about this retrofit? What would you do different?

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