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Why We Love Morimoto Projectors (& You Will Too)

Updated: May 25, 2020

When picking a projector for your headlight retrofit there are many different brands and types, which can get very confusing when deciding on which one will meet your lighting needs. Whether it's a HID or LED projector our go to is none other than Morimoto.

Morimoto headlight retrofit projectors at modern retrofits


You know that feeling you get when you pick something up and it just feels good?

Now if you have ever picked up one of these projectors before you'll know that they feel solid. They have some weight on them and are built with thick metal. Comparing the feel of these to some OEM projectors will make you wonder why they didn't use these instead.

Every little piece is just thoughtfully designed and put together using high quality aluminum and steel. Even the shutter mechanism and bolts are high grade.

The glass on their projectors are insanely clear and specifically designed to get the best output possible.

(We have a set of OEM projectors we show clients so they can feel that quality)

Morimoto D2S 5.0 projector compared to an OEM BMW E46 projector at modern retrofits



Do you have the latest model installed?

The geniuses over at Morimoto are developing new versions of their projectors every few years. By actively listening to the concerns of the market and their customers (like us) they're making sure that it gets better and better. Now the changes they make aren't minor either which is probably why when a new version comes out "EVERYONE" is ditching the old one and upgrading.

Our personal favorite the D2S projector is on its 5th version which was released late 2018. The Mini H1 is on its 7th and the M-LED is on its 2nd which just released at the end of 2019.

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Morimoto D2S 5.0 projector retrofit at modern retrofits



Will these fit in my headlights and what options do I have?

There is a projector out there that will fit your needs. Not only do they come in different sizes but their light output level is also completely customizable along with some more aesthetic options like lens etching, demon eyes and foreground limiters These are the 3 kinds we use for our clients and some highlights.

MORIMOTO D2S 5.0: The most popular and our favorite projector with the highest light output and widest beam pattern.

  • 3 inch lens

  • Anti-reflective coating on lenses

  • Best paired with OSRAM CBB HID bulbs and 50 watt ballasts

MORIMOTO M-LED 2.0: For the LED lovers who like the minimal amount of components but still want output comparable to a HID projector.

  • 3 inch lens

  • Minimal power draw of 30 watts

  • Comparable to D2S projector with 35 watt ballasts

MORIMOTO MINI H1 7.0: Perfect for small headlights and getting the most output possible in a tight space.

  • 2.5 inch lens

  • Tiny but mighty surpassing output of most OEM projectors

  • Best paired with XTR HID bulbs and 35 watt ballasts

(If you need help deciding, we can assess which one will work best for your headlights and your output needs)

Custom Morimoto D2S and Mini H1 projectors with lens etching and demon eyes at modern retrofits


Custom honeycomb lens etch, multicolor demon eyes with Morimoto bluetooth controller

Out of all the projectors that we have tested and used throughout the years Morimoto still remains our top choice. In terms of bang for your buck, quality and customization they are setting the standards for projectors. We hope you've enjoyed learning some new information about one of the product lines we use here at Modern Retrofits.

Which projector would you want installed? How would you customize yours?

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