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These LEDs Are A Must Have For Every Overlanding Rig

When you're navigating through the back roads at night, having the right lighting can make your drive much safer. LED ditch lights provide extra visibility in areas that your headlights can not illuminate such as the sides of the road.

Toyota Tacoma LED Ditch Lights installed at MDRN Retrofits

Vehicle Assessment

What kind of lighting does the Tacoma currently have?

Diode Dynamics SS3 LED Pods from MDRN Retrofits

Diode Dynamics SS3 Pods

Our client came to us with one goal in mind, taking his Toyota Tacoma overlanding. Since his truck had completely stock lights, from the headlights down to the fog lights. He wanted additional lighting that would help him navigate the trails without being too over the top.

Diode Dynamics Sport SS3 LED Pods Driving Pattern from MDRN Retrofits

Ditch Lights Turned On

The solution was simple. We recommended installing LED ditch lights with an OEM style switch that would blend in perfectly with the interior.

We would be using the SS3 LED pods from Diode Dynamics mounted on brackets from Cali Raised LED. Both are proudly made here in the USA.

The SS3 LED pods have different color, beam pattern and brightness options available. We decided on using the sport series in white with the driving optic pattern. This would give us a narrow but powerful beam that would be aimed 45 degrees from the vehicle's center.

Diode Dynamics SS3 Sport LED Driving Ditch Lights Toyota Tacoma from MDRN Retrofits

Let's Start Installing

What do we need to do?

To begin the installation we disassembled the bottom half of the driver side dash to feed in the wiring and mount the OEM style switch, right next to the other factory switches.

Cali raised LED brackets with Diode Dynamics SS3 pods installed by MDRN Retrofits

Close up of Diode Dynamics SS3 Pods installed on the Tacoma

The Cali Raised brackets were mounted to the hood and torqued down to the proper specs.

We mounted the Diode Dynamics SS3 pods to the brackets and aimed them to the desired direction of our client.

Once the wiring was completed it was time to test the ditch lights.

Ready To Overland

How do the lights work?

LED ditch lights are our number 1 recommended lights for overland goers. They are small versatile lights that can provide extra illumination to the sides of the road or (if you have a wrench with you) to set up camp as a work light. There is a big debate on which color, beam pattern or direction to aim them is the right way. The answer is going to vary greatly depending on your needs. When you consult with us we will be helping you chose the right option that will achieve your goal.

Our client has taken his Tacoma overlanding a few times now and loves having the ditch lights there. Sometimes it's the most simple lighting that can make the biggest impact.

LED ditch lights installed on Toyota Tacoma by MDRN Retrofits

Client's Toyota Tacoma Completed

What do you think about the LED ditch lights on this Toyota Tacoma?

What other lights would you do to this Tacoma?

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