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The Headlights Every 3 Series BMW F30 Needs

If your 3 series did not come with xenon headlights then these are the headlights you must have. These headlights come with halos and projectors just like the ones on the higher trim models.

This is how we took our client's F30 with halogen headlights and upgraded them to the xenon style headlights.

3 Series BMW F30 at mdrn retrofits in costa mesa

Vehicle Assessment

What are we working with here?

Our client bought her F30 equipped with halogen headlights. Her main goal was to have brighter lights for her frequent road trips up to the Pacific Northwest. However, the headlights on these halogen models are notorious for lens cracking which can greatly reduce light output from them.

customer's 3 Series BMW F30 original halogen headlights at mdrn retrofits

Original headlights on the F30

Halogen headlights turned on a 3 Series BMW F30 at mdrn retrofits

Halogen headlights with lens cracking present

To fix these issues we recommended to replace the headlights with the DEPO xenon style headlights and to add Morimoto 2stroke LEDs in the low beams. This would not only change the look of the vehicle by giving it halos but also providing a better beam pattern with the projectors.

(We're giving this F30 the OEM+ look)

depo 3 Series BMW F30 xenon style headlights installed at mdrn retrofits

Xenon style headlights from DEPO


Get these old parts off

Before we removed the headlights, we took a few measurements of the gaps and flush around the lights. We do this because on vehicles like these the headlights have a lot of room for adjustment when it comes to fitment. In order for us to make sure the new ones fit perfect, we use these measurements as guidelines to properly mount the headlights in place.

Another measurement we take is the beam pattern height and position; we use the wall for this measurement by pointing the light on it. When you replace headlights it is very important to align them to the proper position. Misalignment will cause the headlights to be useless by not providing proper light distribution on the road. With these measurements we are able to match the beam alignments and double check that they are properly adjusted.

BMW 3 series halogen headlight removal by mdrn retrofits

Alex removing the halogen headlights from the F30

Once the new headlights were installed it was time to install the LED bulbs in the low beams. We used the Morimoto 2stroke LEDs with a decoder to prevent error codes on the dash for a low beam error and flickering.

(BMW's have complex CAN bus systems and need additional components or coding for LEDs like these to work properly)

depo xenon style headlight conversion completed at mdrn retrofits

Headlights installed and turned on

Xenon Look Completed

Now that's how they all should have came from the factory

Overall our client was very happy with the way it came out because the car looked original. The headlights functioned properly just like the original and have really improved the light output, which is going to make it perfect for her road trips into inclement weather.

(You can't even tell that these lights are aftermarket)

customers 3 seried BMW F30 with depo headlights and morimoto 2stroke leds installed at mdrn retrofits

Clients vehicle parked outside of the shop

With a headlight conversion and bulb upgrade like this you can completely change the look and light performance of the vehicle. You can still achieve an OEM + look with quality aftermarket headlights like the DEPO's we used for this. Not all aftermarket lights are made equally and not all of them are bad when it comes to performance.

What do think about this conversion? Would you have added LEDs or HIDs instead?

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