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The Headlight Retrofit Package That's Right For You

Headlight retrofits can get very confusing with all of the different parts and brands out there. We’ve made it easy by choosing only the best components and putting them into packages.

BMW X5 Headlight Retrofit with profile prism halos at mdrn retrofits

What Is The Process Of A Retrofit?

Where do you begin?

To begin the process of a headlight retrofit we will start by choosing one of the 3 retrofit packages. Standard, Pro or Elite. Once we choose a package you will then choose any additional add ons for your retrofit such as halos, demon eyes, paint and so on. So how do you pick the right retrofit package for your retrofit?

2GS Lexus GS300 Pro Package Headlight Retrofit at mdrn retrofits

Lexus GS300 PRO Package Headlight Retrofit

The answer to this is very simple. How bright would you like your headlights to be? The main difference between each package is the brightness and output. We can achieve different levels of output by using different types of projector and bulb combinations.

Headlight Retrofit Packages at mdrn retrofits

Headlight Retrofit Packages

What Packages Do We Offer?

Which one is the best for you?

Let’s start with our Standard Package. The Standard package is perfect for longevity featuring the longest life span and warranty available. It’s perfect for driving around locally in the city. The light output from this package is brighter than most OEM headlights on the market. It features the latest H1 projector from Morimoto paired with a 35 watt HID kit.

Standard package headlight projector retrofit from mdrn retrofits

Standard Package Headlight Output

Now our Most Popular Package is our Pro Package. This package is the only package that gives you the option to choose between a LED or HID projector. Now they are equally as bright as the other.

The main difference between the 2 is the amount of components required. The LED projector allows for a much cleaner install since everything is integrated in the unit. While the HID requires additional components.

This package has the perfect balance of output and life span with a 3 year warranty. The output works really well for long drives outside of the city.

Pro package headlight projector retrofit from mdrn retrofits

Pro Package Headlight Output

Our Brightest Package is our Elite Package. This Package is perfect for off roading or for low/non-lighted areas. It features the brightest D2S projector from Morimoto and the brightest HID bulb from OSRAM paired with 50 watt ballasts.

This package still comes with a 2 year warranty!

Elite package headlight projector retrofit from mdrn retrofits

Elite Package Headlight Output

Choosing Your Retrofit Package

How bright do you want your headlights to be?

To sum things up the higher the package the brighter the headlights. No matter which package you choose you will be increasing your visibility on the road and updating your worn out headlights with Modern technology.

BMW E36 Euro ellipsoid pro package headlight retrofit package at mdrn retrofits

BMW E36 PRO Package Headlight Retrofit

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