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Silverado Work Truck Gets Hidden LED Strobe Lights

Every work truck needs strobe lights, especially when you're pulling over to work on major highways. Not only are they helpful in telling other drivers that there is road construction ahead, but also legally required.

A great client of ours brought in his brand new 2020 Chevrolet Silverado for some hideaway LED strobes.

2020 Chevrolet Silverado Construction work truck at mdrn retrofits

Vehicle Assessment

Where can we mount these?

Even though the truck is a work truck, our client wanted the strobes to be cleanly tucked away from plain sight. The strobes needed to be mounted at the perfect height, in order to be directly in the view of other drivers.

We decided on mounting the strobes behind the front grille and inside of the taillights. Our client supplied us with dual color amber/white LED strobes for the front. For the rear we used the LAMPHUS® SnakeEye™ hideaways.

(Work trucks need reliable and cleanly installed lights too)

lamphus hideaway strobes at mdrn retrofits

Hideaway LED strobes we used

lamphus strobe controller at mdrn retroftis

Strobe controllers for the hideaways


Make sure everything is hidden

The LED strobes for the front were mounted right above the Rough Country light bars in the grille. Once they were bolted in and aimed, it was time to bring the wiring inside of the truck.

We cut holes in the taillights to mount the strobes in the same area as the reverse lights. To prevent moisture from entering, we sealed the lights using a rubber gasket and silicone.

When wiring strobes there are 2 switches that need to be installed. One is for on/off and the other is to change the patterns. The client only wanted one switch that would turn on both front and rear.

Having only one switch results in a cleaner install but doesn't give you the ability to change strobe patterns. Since the strobes and controllers are from different manufacturers, we had to synchronize the strobe patterns prior to wiring the circuits together at the main switch.

(Custom and complex wiring like this is just one aspect that really sets us apart from the competition)

2020 Chevrolet Silverado Construction work truck with hide away strobe light in taillights at mdrn retrofits

Rear strobes installed in the taillights

Ready For Duty

Time to fix the highways

Our client was thrilled that he could finally remove the amber beacon mounted on the roof of the truck. With the hideaway strobes installed, this gave the truck a much cleaner look and it alerts traffic that construction is being done ahead.

(Who says a work truck has to look like a work truck?)

2020 Chevrolet Silverado Construction work truck with dual color strobes in the grille at mdrn retrofits

Clients truck parked outside of the shop

Work trucks can have completely functional lighting that's completely hidden away. You don't have to have magnetic mounted lights with exposed wires.

What do you think about the LED strobes on this truck? Would you have added more strobes?

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