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Now You Can Have Clear Headlights & Fog Lights Without Buying New Ones

When most people look at their cloudy headlights their first thought is to replace them; but headlight restorations are a great alternative to make your lights look like new. Headlights can be expensive to replace and, for some vehicles, replacements aren't even available. Our headlight restoration process is proven to keep your headlights looking like new.

Let's go ahead and take our clients 2004 BMW E46 LCI coupe (that came in for our MDRN Pro Restoration Package) for example.

BMW E46 getting the MDRN pro headlight restoration package at modern retrofits

Vehicle Assessment

Let's take a closer look

Our client did not want to replace these lights because brand new OEM headlights for this particular vehicle are about $1000 each! The fog lights were only priced at about $200 for the pair, however the client decided to keep the original ones as well.

Screenshot from ESC Tuning's website

The headlights and fog lights on this BMW were very hazy and showed signs of wear on the inside. It's common in older vehicles to see damage on the inside of the lenses, such as water spots, projector ghosting, and cracking. These types of damage can not be repaired without separating the lenses from the headlights. Since the inside of the headlights had signs of wear, we made sure to address this to the customer before we got started.

Once we finished checking the lights, we went ahead and prepared the car for restoration.

2004 BMW E46 headlights before restoration at mdrn retrofits
2004 BMW E46 headlights turned on before restoration at mdrn retrofits
2004 BMW E46 foglights before restoration at mdrn retrofits

The original condition of the headlights and fog lights


Things are going to get messy here

To prepare the vehicle for the restoration, we opened up the hood, removed the bottom trim piece from the headlights, and removed the fog lights from the bumper. Then, we taped off the bumper and fender to prevent them from getting scratched.

The haze was pretty heavy on these, so we started sanding with 800 grit sandpaper and worked our way up to 2000 grit. After that, we moved onto polishing and prepared the parts for coating.

The preparation for the coating is a very important step because if it's done incorrectly, the coating will not adhere properly and cause premature failure. Since the client purchased our MDRN Pro Restoration Package, we ceramic coated these with CARPRO™ DLUX. The ceramic coating we applied is going to keep these lights protected from the elements and prevent them from hazing again.

(Sometimes it's easier to remove adjacent parts instead of taping them off which also helps us get really close to the edges)

2004 BMW E46 headlights after restoration at mdrn retrofits
2004 BMW E46 headlights turned on after restoration at mdrn retrofits
2004 BMW E46 foglights after restoration at mdrn retrofits

Restoration completed on the headlights and fog lights

Restoration & Ceramic Coating Completed

It looks like a brand new car again

Being a car detailing enthusiast himself, our client was absolutely blown away at the clarity and gloss of the lights. He just couldn't believe how good they looked and how it made the car look less dated. Now our client can feel more confident with the look of the vehicle and the nighttime visibility that has been restored.

(We saved the client over $2000 in replacement costs for brand new headlights)

2004 BMW E46 headlights and foglights restoration ceramics coated at mdrn retrofits

Clients vehicle parked outside of the shop

Just because your headlights or fog lights have haziness, it doesn't mean that you have to replace them. With a proper restoration they can be brought back to life by looking new and giving you the ability to see at night again.

What do you think about the final result? Do your lights need a restoration? Which restoration package would you get?

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