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Mercedes GLB AMG Gets Light Bars Installed

Updated: May 25, 2020

The GLB is the latest SUV from Mercedes. Just like any other model, it is available in NON AMG and AMG packages. Even though it's a brand new vehicle, the lighting wasn't bright enough for our client.

Take a look at how we made the light output on this new Mercedes even better!

2020 Mercedes Benz GLB AMG with LED light bars installed at mdrn retrofits in costa mesa

Vehicle Assessment

Let's take some measurements

Our client bought his GLB with the AMG package, which means no fog lights. The car does have full LED headlights but these still didn't provide the output our client was looking for. He wanted more light output in the foreground area.

The foreground is the area directly in front of the car to about 20 feet away. The main purpose of fog lights is to illuminate this area but since the AMG package did not come with any, we needed a solution.

We took some measurements and realized that the bottom grille area would be perfect for adding fog lights. The lights we were going to add, had to match the overall look of the vehicle. This way it wouldn't look out of place and blend in with the rest of the car.

(We can make this SUV look even sportier with some additional lights)

2020 Mercedes Benz GLB AMG at mdrn retrofits in costa mesa

Mercedes GLB close up


What we installed

When adding additional lights to SUVs or trucks our two personal favorites are the Stage Series LED light bars and LED pods from Diode Dynamics. Either of these options would be perfect to function as the fog light for this Mercedes, reason being, Diode Dynamics is one of the only manufacturers that has a DOT legal fog light beam pattern in their light bars and pods.

We presented both options to our client and he chose to go with the two 6 inch LED light bars. He didn't want a switch to control the lights, however, he wanted them to turn on automatically when the car started.

Diode Dynamics Stage Series LED Light bars at mdrn retrofits in costa mesa

Stage Series Light Bars by Diode Dynamics

6 inch LED light bars with fog light beam pattern at mdrn retrofits

6 inch Fog Light LED Light Bars by Diode Dynamics

Taking into account our client's preferences we took the vehicle apart and began our installation. We mounted the light bars as far as possible from each other in the lower grille area and aligned them to light up the foreground perfectly.

We fabricated a custom relay harness to wire the light bars to automatically turn on/off with the vehicle. This results in a clean installation and makes the use of these light bars easy for the client, without having to do anything extra to turn them on.

(The light bars are going to be brighter than any OEM LED fog light)

2020 Mercedes Benz GLB AMG with Diode Dynamics LED light bars being installed at mdrn retrofits in costa mesa

Stage Series LED light bars getting installed

Installation Completed

That blends in quite nice

Before the GLB was released, Mercedes built an off road package for the concept vehicle. With this in mind, our client really liked the idea of adding the light bars. He was very impressed with the performance of the light bars and even said that they look brighter than his LED headlights. With the beam pattern width being almost 90 degrees to the vehicle and the brightness of the lights beaming in front, we successfully fixed the dim foreground.

(The Stage Series LED light bars from Diode Dynamics are proudly made here in the USA!)

2020 Mercedes Benz GLB AMG with LED light bars installed at mdrn retrofits in costa mesa

2020 Mercedes Benz GLB AMG with Fog Light pattern LED light bars installed at mdrn retrofits in costa mesa

Clients vehicle parked outside of the shop

Lighting on cars is constantly evolving but even new vehicles like this Mercedes GLB can still benefit from additional lighting. With the addition of the LED light bars from Diode Dynamics, the foreground lighting on this SUV has drastically been improved and the client can legally drive on the street with them turned on since the beam pattern is DOT legal.

What do you think about the light bars on this GLB? Would have done something different?

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