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Why An OEM Plus Headlight Retrofit Is The Best Choice For You

Headlight retrofits don't always have to be flashy, crazy and gaudy. They can also be simple and minimalistic while still increasing your light output from your headlights. OEM plus upgrades have become widely popular over the years and is the best way to add upgrades to your vehicle without being too much.

2002 Lexus GS300 OEM plus headlight retrofit by MDRN Retrofits

Vehicle Assessment

What kind of lighting does the car come with stock?

2002 Lexus GS300 OEM halogen headlights at MDRN Retrofits

Original headlights on the Lexus GS300

Our client came to us with his second generation Lexus GS300 after seeing a retrofit we completed on another customer's vehicle.

The GS300 came with standard halogen reflector housings. The lenses on the headlights were already restored before by a previous shop but had signs of oxidation already.

The client had also installed a HID kit from Xenon Depot but the output did not meet his expectations. We explained to him that OEM headlights are severely limited in terms of output and that a retrofit would get the brightness that he wants.

Close up of oxidation on 2002 Lexus GS300 headlights at MDRN Retrofits

Close up of the oxidized headlight lenses

Our client wanted to keep the look of the headlights as close to OEM as possible.

We suggested an OEM plus style retrofit combined with our Pro Package to achieve the light output he desired. Our Pro Package would be perfect for the long drives he takes outside of the city by providing enough output to light up the road in front of him.

Let's Start Designing

What parts are we using?

We removed the original oxidized headlights and used brand new OEM Lexus headlights from the dealership. Aftermarket headlights may look the same but severely lack quality compared to OEM.

Pro package headlight retrofit completed for a GS300 on the bench at MDRN Retrofits

GS300 Headlights completed on the bench

Lexus logo etched on morimoto d2s projector for pro package retrofit by MDRN Retrofits

Close up of GS300 headlight projector etching

To keep the look of the headlights OEM plus we decided on using the Porsche Panamera shrouds and to add a small custom touch we etched the Lexus logo on the projector.

No paint would be involved on this one. We are keeping everything nice and chrome just like from the factory.

OEM Plus headlight retrofit on a GS300 completed at MDRN Retrofits

GS300 Headlights installed on the vehicle

Since this is getting our Pro Package retrofit we will be using Morimoto D2S projectors and pairing it up with OSRAM CBI HID bulbs.

We wired the projectors to do both low beam and high beam for maximum brightness on the road. The LEDs from the Panamera shroud were removed to keep the look simple.

The Retrofit Completed

Are those stock?

This retrofit came out perfect and looks almost OEM. You just can't go wrong with simple. The headlights don't take too much away from the overall look of the vehicle and drastically increases our client's visibility of the road. When he picked up his car that day he could not wait for it to get dark so he could try out his new headlights.

2002 2GS GS300 pro package OEM plus headlight retrofit installed by MDRN Retrofits

Client's GS300 Completed (Front)

close up of completed pro package headlight retrofit on a 2002 lexus gs300 at MDRN Retrofits

Client's GS300 Completed (Close-up)

What do you think about the OEM plus headlight retrofit on this Lexus GS300? What retrofit package would you choose? Standard, Pro or Elite?

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