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How A Headlight Retrofit Is Done

When it comes to upgrading headlights most people believe that there are only 2 options available, installing brighter bulbs or installing aftermarket headlights but there is a 3rd option that surpasses the two.

BMW Headlight Retrofit at MDRN retrofits

What Is Retrofitting?

You do what to the headlights?

Retrofitting is the process of installing a projector into a headlight, whether it be a reflector type or projector type headlight.

(The Morimoto D2S 5.0 is our most popular HID projector that we use)

Morimoto HID D2S 5.0 projectors at MDRN retrofits

Morimoto D2S 5.0 Projector

A reflector type headlight can benefit greatly from a retrofit since it does not have a projector. Some headlights already have projectors from the factory but they are limited in performance.

(We make it easy by presenting you with all of your options available for your particular headlight.)

BMW E90 Headlight Retrofit at MDRN retrofits

BMW E90 Reflector Type Headlight

Retrofitting higher quality projectors will increase your light output from your headlights and your visibility on the road. A headlight retrofit gives you the best output and beam pattern possible.

(The projectors in a retrofit are far more superior than aftermarket headlight assemblies and rival output levels of OEM headlights on higher end vehicles.)

Pro Package Headlight Retrofit Light Output at MDRN retrofits

Headlight Retrofit Light Output Example

What Is The Process?

How is this done?

To do this, we begin the process by inspecting and removing the headlights from the vehicle. The headlights are then opened and fully disassembled.

(OEM projectors are limited in terms of output and are not designed to handle brighter bulbs such as LEDs or HIDs, which can cause premature wear of the projector when installed.)

Mazda CX-7 projector headlights taken apart for a headlight retrofit at MDRN retrofits

Projector Type Headlight Disassembled

The projectors as well as add ons such as halos, paint, demon eyes and others are installed and checked for proper alignment.

(We have numerous options for each add on that we have available!)

BMW X5 headlights getting Morimoto D2S 5.0 projectors and profile halos installed at MDRN retrofits

Morimoto D2S 5.0 Projector and Profile Prism Halo Getting Installed

To complete the retrofit the headlights are then reassembled, sealed, installed and wired back on to the vehicle.

(A properly sealed headlight will keep moisture from entering the headlights)

Mazda Headlight getting sealed after a headlight retrofit at MDRN retrofits

Headlight Being Prepared To Be Sealed

Why Should I Retrofit?

Built to perform

A retrofit gives you the ability to completely customize the look and light output of your headlights.

(You tell us what you would like from your headlights and we handle the rest.)

Nissan Juke with Elite Package headlight retrofit completed at MDRN retrofits

Headlight Retrofit Complete With Red Demon Eyes

Since headlights wear out over time you will be upgrading those worn out components with the latest technology that exceeds OEM performance.

(We only use the best components on the market for our retrofits.)

Mazda OEM headlight projector worn out at mdrn retrofits

Worn Out OEM Headlight Projector

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