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Get Rid Of Your E90 Halogen Headlights Once & For All

Your halogen headlights make your E90 look outdated but a headlight retrofit can be an expensive upgrade. So how do you get that MDRN look without breaking the bank?

BMW E90 DTM Halo Headlights From MDRN Retrofits

Vehicle Assessment

What kind of lighting does the BMW E90 currently have?

BMW E90 LCI LED Bulb Halo Upgrade installed at MDRN Retrofits

BMW E90 LED Halo Upgrade

Our client's 2011 BMW E90 came stock with halogen headlights. A few months ago we upgraded the halos with LED bulbs to give it a more modern appearance. At the same time the low beams were also upgraded to increase his visibility on the road. Despite these upgrades, our client wanted to change the look of the headlights even more but without going over budget with a headlight retrofit.

E90 BMW 3 Series Halogen LCI Headlights at MDRN Retrofits

BMW E90 LCI Halogen Headlights

Our recommendation was to install aftermarket DTM Halo headlights that would completely upgrade the look of the car.

These headlights are pre-built aftermarket assemblies that come with low beam projectors, DTM style halos and LED turn signals.

While these headlights do not perform like a headlight retrofit they still give the E90 a MDRN look.

Let's Start Installing

What do we need to do?

Before removing the OEM headlights we took measurements on the aim of the headlights. This is to ensure that the new headlights will be aimed at the same height as the OEM.

BMW E90 DTM Halo headlights close up at MDRN retrofits

Close up of DTM Halo Headlights

The brand new headlights utilize the same bulb size for the low beam as the OEM. We were able to transfer the LED that we installed on the original headlight over to the new ones.

With the wiring completed it was time to test the headlights and code the car for some custom touches.

Now That Looks Modern

How do the lights work?

The DTM Halo headlights work just like the OEM with the high beam functioning as the DRL (Daytime Running Lights). To switch the DRL over to the halos we coded the E90's light module.

Our client had been modifying his E90 and with the addition of the new headlights he can say with confidence that the front end is complete.

BMW E90 LCI 3 Series DTM halo headlights installed by MDRN Retrofits in Orange County, CA

Client's BMW E90 LCI Completed

What do you think about the DTM Halo headlights on this BMW E90 LCI?

What other lights mods would you do to this E90? Would you go full custom with a retrofit instead?

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