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Former SEMA Show Mustang GT Gets More Lighting

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

When you have a show stopper like this, you want the best lighting for your vehicle. This supercharged Mustang does not come up short on performance and neither do the lights.

We built the headlights for our client's Mustang a while back and we recently installed even more lights to the car!

S550 Mustang GT close up of lighting at mdrn retrofits

Vehicle Assessment

What have we already done?

Previously, we retrofitted the headlights with Diode Dynamics RGBWA boards, Diode Dynamics Demon eyes, projector lens upgrade with custom etching, and switchback LEDs in the turn signal housings. It already had the renegade grille lights as well. With all of these mods already done, what other lighting could we install?

Now, moving onto the rear of the vehicle and the undercarriage. This Mustang came from the factory equipped with the LED interior accent lighting, so some underbody lighting would definitely help tie it all together. Also, every Mustang should be utilizing the full potential of the sequential taillights.

(These upgrades are going to be subtle but small details like this can make a huge impact)

S550 Mustang GT with diode dynamics board demon eyes headlights at mdrn retrofits

Lighting completed on the front

Halogen headlights turned on a 3 Series BMW F30 at mdrn retrofits

Retrofitted headlights and grille lights turned on


Adding more lights

We decided to add the 4th brake light module and taillight sequencer from Diode Dynamics.

The 4th brake light does 3 things: it turns on white when it's in reverse, turns on red for a taillight, and the red gets brighter when you step on the brakes. With the addition of this light, everyone will know that it's braking.

Diode Dynamics ford mustang 4th brake light at mdrn retrofits

Diode Dynamics 4th Brake Light for the Mustang

The taillight sequencer adds the sequential pattern to all the additional functions on the taillights such as braking, hazards, and unlocking/locking the vehicle. This utilizes the most out of the sequential function of the taillights. The modules from Diode Dynamics were mounted and neatly tucked away in the trunk.

Diode Dynamics ford mustang sequencer at mdrn retrofits

Diode Dynamics Sequencer for the Mustang

For the underbody we chose to go with the Million Color Bluetooth kit from LEDGLOW. This underbody kit is an awesome kit that we frequently use on our clients' vehicles. It features a bluetooth app to control the lights and a courtesy light function, which means the kit will turn on when the doors are opened. We programmed the lights to turn on red to match the interior lighting. The interior was disassembled to hide all the wires from the underbody kit and the control box was mounted behind the glove box.

(This car can definitely make it into SEMA again!)

Diode Dynamics ford mustang 4th brake light in reverse at mdrn retrofits

Diode Dynamics 4th brake light LED in reverse mode

Diode Dynamics ford mustang 4th brake light taillight at mdrn retrofits

Diode Dynamics 4th brake light LED in taillight mode

Second Round of Light Upgrades Completed

Now that covers everything

Since our client has been a repeat customer of ours, he knew that he would be getting the best lights and the best installation on his Mustang. He was beyond excited with the lighting we added. That red underbody lighting really makes the vehicle look more aggressive, and the best part is, since his headlights and interior lights are multicolored, he can program all of them to match.

(This Mustang is ready to light up the streets at night)

s550 ford mustang gt with diode dynamics headlights custom and ledglow red underbody at mdrn retrofits

Clients vehicle pulling out of the shop

When it comes to lighting on a popular vehicle like this, there are a lot of options out there but we only use the best parts on the market. Even heavily modified cars like this look amazing with subtle light upgrades that make the car stand out even more.

What do think about the lights on this Mustang? What color would you choose for your underbody lighting?

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