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How We Fixed The Broken Halos on This E46 M3

The BMW E46 was the generation right before halos were made available on a 3 Series, therefore some purists disagree with putting halos on an E46 but we think they look awesome with halos.

BMW E46 Orion V4 halos installed at MDRN retrofits

Vehicle Assessment

What kind of lighting does the car currently have?

BMW E46 halo angel eye troubleshooting at MDRN Retrofits

Original halos on the BMW E46

Our client came to us to troubleshoot the issues they were having with the halos on their E46. They had bought the car with the halos already installed but recently the halos started acting strange. The halos would only turn on when the car doors were opened and only the passenger side halos were the only ones that worked.

BMW E46 M3 Orion V2 halos at MDRN Retrofits

Close up of the working halos

Judging by the problems they were having this sounded like a wiring issue but we would have to do some troubleshooting to confirm. We would also need to test the halos to make sure they are in working condition as well.

Since the halos were already about 5 years old there would be a high chance that replacement parts for the halos would not be available. A new version would have likely been released already making the current ones obsolete. We decided to start from scratch and order the latest halos available and redo all of the wiring.

Let's Start Troubleshooting

What's wrong with the lights?

Once we removed the old halos and began tracing the old wiring we found that the ignition wire that activates the halos when the car is started was cut, along with the wires leading to the driver side halos. The main control boxes for the halos were also mounted outside of the headlight leaving them exposed to the elements, which is not safe since the control boxes are not weatherproof.

Orion V4 Halos installed on a BMW E46 M3 at MDRN Retrofits

Close up of Orion V4 Halos installed on the BMW E46

The E46 came with Orion V2 halos so we replaced them with the latest Orion V4 halos. These halos are much brighter and the LEDs are mounted closer together to give them a more uniform appearance.

We also replaced the old wire harness with the new one and wired everything up correctly. The control boxes were also mounted inside of the headlights to keep the protected from the elements.

The Halos Are Upgraded & Fixed

How do they turn on now?

Our client was very happy we were able to fix the wiring issues and upgrade the halos to the latest version. Now the halos are more visible in the daytime, turn on with ignition and turn on when the doors open as a welcome light.

Halo angel eyes upgrade on a BMW E46 M3 at MDRN Retrofits

Client's BMW E46 M3 Completed (Front)

What do you think about the halos on this E46?

What other upgrades would you do to this M3?

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