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ANSWERED: Your Most Burning Questions

Updated: May 25, 2020

When you're doing business with a company you usually have multiple points of contact from the receptionist up front to the technicians working in the back. Here at MDRN Retrofits you only have 1 and that's the Chief Lighting Officer.

Being part of a unique sector of the automotive market allows me to be in a position where I'm able to meet a wide variety of clients and really build relationships with them to fully understand their needs. Getting asked a lot of questions is all part of the experience here.

So I went ahead and created a short FAQ post answering the top 3 questions I get asked the most about myself.

BMW E30 with Morimoto Elite HID Kit and DEPO Smiley Headlights Installed at Modern Retrofits in Costa Mesa

How Did You Get Into This Industry?

Cars have always been my passion

When I graduated high school it only made sense for me to work at an automotive shop and so I did while going to college. At first I was interested in everything mechanical on a car, such as, tuning engines, suspension dynamics and just making the car run right.

It wasn't until I finished college and got my Master Technician certification that I got really into customizing the aesthetics of cars. So from mechanical work I went into paint and body. I didn't enjoy getting dirty with body filler as much as painting but I definitely learned to appreciate that type of work more.

(Don't knock something until you try it)

Anest Iwatat paint spray guns used at modern MDRN retrofits in Costa Mesa

My Favorite Spray Guns By Anest Iwata

What Made You Decide On Doing Lighting?

I literally had an epiphany at a car show

Southern California is a mecca for car enthusiasts and where some of the coolest car shows take place. I remember being at a car show in LA and was just having a good time hanging out and checking out some awesome cars. These cars had crazy body kits, nice interiors and ridiculous engine mods. Then it hit me...

Only about a handful of the cars there had anything done to their headlights, taillights or interior lighting. The wiring that I was able to see on these cars looked like a bowl of spaghetti but hey, it worked I guess.

I found a gap in the industry and immediately did some research. I honed my electrical knowledge and wiring skills. I dove deep and came across a whole new world.

At this point and time headlight retrofitting was still underground and hadn't really hit the mainstream yet. This was the time where everyone knew those $30 HID kits were crap and those $1 wedge style LED bulbs were dimmer than a regular halogen bulb.

(Now we all know how small details can make something or break something!)

Profile Prism LED Halos Demon Eyes and strips at Modern MDRN retrofit in costa mesa

Boxes of LED halos, demon eyes and strips by Profile Prism

What Does The Future Hold For Modern Retrofits?

People need to be able to see while driving at night and we're the experts for that

As many of our clients and awesome followers know, we just recently went through an entire rebranding. We were formerly known as "ASUN Garage" and we have changed everything from our name to our look. We did this to better align our business values and message.

At this current time our 3 main goals here at MDRN Retrofits are to:

  • Build more awareness that bad lighting is optional

  • Streamline our process for easier customer service

  • Empower our clients with the confidence to drive at night

Of course we will still continue to:

  • Use the best lighting products for our clients

  • Perform in-house testing of new products (sort the bad from the good)

  • Be the leading automotive lighting experts in Orange County

(Now let's get the best lights installed on your vehicle)

OSRAM CBI HID Bulbs at Modern MDRN Retrofits in Costa Mesa


I hope you enjoyed this short FAQ post about some common questions I frequently get asked. Once again thank you to all my amazing clients and followers out there. What did you think about this little inside look?

Is there anything else you would like to know? What has your experience with automotive lighting been like?

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