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3 Lighting Upgrades Every Car Needs

Updated: May 25, 2020

Not all cars come equipped with powerful LEDs or HIDs from the factory. In fact, standard halogen bulbs are still being used on today's new vehicles.

You want modern and better lighting but which bulbs should you upgrade that matter the most and are the most useful. Here's a list of the top 3 upgrades every car owner should have.

BMW E30 with Morimoto Elite HID Kit and DEPO Smiley Headlights Installed at Modern Retrofits in Costa Mesa

1. Brighter Headlights

What's more important than seeing the road while driving at night?

Being number 1 on our list, this is our most popular and most important upgrade. Whether you choose to go with LED or HID bulbs, both options will greatly increase your visibility over halogen bulbs. Just because your vehicle did not come with these standard doesn't mean you can't have them.

(If your vehicle came with fog lights upgrading these will compliment your headlights too!)

Our Recommendation: Morimoto LED Bulbs for reflector headlights or Morimoto HID Bulbs for projector headlights.

2. Trunk Lighting

Do you use your cellphone light to find your things?

Interior lighting is important overall but we feel that the trunk is the most overlooked upgrade out there. The trunk is often the darkest part of the vehicle at night and there's usually only 1 bulb back there. There's no way you're going to find what you need with that dim light.

(Now if you have the means to upgrade the whole interior then even better!)

BMW E46 LED Trunk Lighting Installed at Modern MDRN Retrofits

Our Recommendation: Diode Dynamics LED Panels or the brightest LED bulb for that size

3. Brighter Backup Lights

Does no one see that I'm in reverse? (Car drives past while you're half way out of your parking spot)

The truth is no one can see those dim yellow lights especially in the daytime. Now I bring up daytime because when you have the sun beaming down on the rear of your vehicle those halogen bulbs are useless. Brighter LED bulbs will stop those cars and prevent those people from walking behind you as you backup.

(If you have a backup camera this will drastically improve what you can see behind you!)

Toyota CH-R with Diode Dynamics XP80 LEDs installed at Modern MDRN Retrofits

Our Recommendation: Diode Dynamics brightest LED bulb for that size

These upgrades will not only increase your visibility but also increase other drivers visibility of you. The following brands and parts we have recommended are the same ones we use on all of our clients vehicles.

How many of the 3 upgrades do you already have or are you planning to get?

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