Ferrari 550 Maranello LED Headlight and Taillight Lighting by MDRN Retrofits


MDRN (Modern) Retrofits Is On A Mission: To Provide Customers With Reliable Car Lighting Solutions

Based in the city of Costa Mesa, Orange County (California), we at MDRN Retrofits are true specialists when it comes to automotive lighting.

Our main focus is ensuring that customers can enjoy greater visibility at night, achieved through the installation of headlight retrofits, headlight restorations, and HID and LED lighting.

Claiming this niche follows on from our founder, Alex, and his 10 years’ professional experience in the automotive industry. During Alex's time as a technician, he consistently identified the need for the proper installation of high-quality lighting. It became strikingly clear to him that countless cars were not performing well at night, causing danger to drivers, passengers, and other cars – and from this concern emerged MDRN Retrofits.

Whether updating the car’s entire lighting system or just the headlights, our team of experts is committed to getting the job done the first time around. We work on all makes and models, from daily drivers to sports cars, trucks to vans, and even exotics and custom show cars. Distance isn’t a problem either, as our workshop has the provisions necessary to accommodate both local cars and those shipped in from abroad.

To make the whole customer experience as pleasant and hassle-free as possible, we just ask for their needs and wants – and then tell them to leave the rest to us. This includes selecting and ordering industry-leading parts, opening and resealing headlights, painting affected areas, and wiring the electrics.

Get in touch with MDRN Retrofits to ask about installing top-quality lighting in your car today!

Owner of MDRN Retrofits
Owner of MDRN Retrofits working on a Ferrari 550 Maranello
BMW E46 Headlight Retrofit at MDRN Retrofits